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A seaside retreat with a view of serenity

Dar Oguz

Dar Oguz Hammem Laghzez, a gem by the sea with panoramic views of the azure horizon, just 2.3km from the enchanting beach of Sidi Mansour.

Accommodation by the sea
Located a short distance from Sidi Mansour beach, Dar Oguz offers exceptional accommodation with a terrace overlooking the sparkling sea. Travelers can enjoy the refreshing sea breeze from the balcony, while game enthusiasts will appreciate the ping-pong table provided.

Comfort and Amenities
Accommodation at Dar Oguz is designed to provide maximum comfort. Air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, private balconies and free Wi-Fi are just some of the features that contribute to a memorable experience. Family rooms and a children’s play area make this an ideal destination for families looking for unforgettable moments. A continental breakfast is served every morning for a delicious and energizing start to the day.

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Dar Oguz promises an unforgettable experience where comfort and nature come together in harmony.
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