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The Harmony of a Welcoming Microcosm

Casa Zitouna

At the heart of a peaceful microcosm, Casa Zitouna, a unique guesthouse, stands in perfect harmony with nature. This residence is surrounded by an ecosystem where hummingbirds, chickens, roosters, dogs, and cats peacefully coexist, offering an authentic and warm experience.

Full-Service with a Personal Touch

The warm welcome and kindness of the owners make Casa Zitouna much more than just a guesthouse. They offer complete service, making sure every visitor feels not only like a guest but also like a valued member of this welcoming community.

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Casa Zitouna invites you to an escape where the tranquility of nature blends with modern comfort, where every moment is enveloped in human warmth. At the center of this exceptional ecosystem, you will find an authentic experience waiting for you.

Casa Zitouna

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